Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Too Much of A Good Thing?

I was able to spend an idyllic day at home yesterday as my front door got fixed (with a 1928 bungalow, it's always something) and I puttered around the house trying to tidy the place in advance of a weekend guest. Actually, I had a pretty good success rate. Living room--done. Study--done. Kitchen--done. Bath--that's hubby's problem.

But the media room is another story because that's where my knitting lives. Or more accurately, squats--it's pretty much moved in, taken over, and has started to put down roots. During the course of the afternoon, I managed to get half of it sorted out. In the process, I discovered five knitting books (one of which I'd given up as a goner), three half-finished socks, two half-finished Christmas gifts, a new design project, miscellaneous left-over yarn, a handful of misplaced/mismatched needles, and God knows what else. Hello, my name is Eva, and I have a knitting problem.

And right now, it really *is* a problem. In my pursuit of weekend and evening pleasure, I've taken up projects and put them down again as whim has indicated. This isn't the problem part--being able to move freely and easily from project to project is one of the great joys of knitting, I think. I like matching my project to my mood. No, the problem is that in order to do this constant switcheroo with any alacrity, I have to be at least a little organized, and that's where I've been lax--to the point where it can be a challenge to start a new project because I can't lay hands on my knitting stuff without a protracted "now, where did *that* get to?" search-and-destroy mission.

So, I'm determined to do some corrective work on this front. On the whole, I'm not a big fan of self-help literature, but Cheryl Richardson did make a very good point in her weekly e-newsletter this Monday--one which as a knitter, I've decided to take to heart. She said, "Remember, a high quality life has far more to do with what you *remove* from your life than what you add to it." So I'm going to remove the clutter so I can spend less time rummaging and more time knitting--whoopee!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Drum roll, please! "Sari, Charlie" is written up, layout is done, and 30 copies of the pattern for my very first design *ever* will arrive at ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio on Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to my yarn buddies Rob (who'll have a pic on his blog, Blackdog, come Monday) and Matt for all their encouragement and support, and for running the best damn LYS around. Much thanks goes to my longsuffering hubby Mike as well, who cheerfully puts up with a media room couch that's regularly overflowing with knitting paraphernalia and who encourages me in everything I do. Couldn't do it without ya, boys!

So, what's next? Well, I just took a felted Kureyon bag out of the wash. It's my "fun with mitered squares" project, and in the morning I'm going to take a critical eye to it and decide whether it deserves to be written up into a bona fide pattern. But for now, I think I'll sign off. It's been a big ol' day, and I need to get rested for tomorrow's adventure in knitting. See you!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Sari, Charlie

Well, I managed to make my husband a yarn widower again this weekend, plopping down on the left end of the couch (don't *even* think about sitting there!)in the second room of my LYS, ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio in Columbus, Indiana. I got the urge to start playing with some Mango Moon 100% recycled sari silk and Classic Elite's pre-felted Waterspun, and by the weekend I had designed my very first ensemble--a hat and mitten set I'm calling "Sari, Charlie" in honor of what the fiber would have been, had not fate intervened. I'll post a pic as soon as I upgrade my blog, and by the end of the week I should have the pattern written up, too.

Why all the activity? I've kind of decided it's time for me to try to take my knitting to the next level. I'm not sure exactly what's behind the impulse, but it's probably a combination of hitting the big 4-0 and feeling a real need to have something that's my own. I'd like to see if I have any design talent in me--and believe me, the jury's still out on that as far as I'm concerned. But as I look out the autumn window at the falling leaves, I guess it's hitting me more than ever that most of the limitations in my life are self-imposed, and for once I'd like to be bold and see what I can do.

So wish me luck!

Friday, October 31, 2003

I Knit, Therefore I Blog

All the knitters I know seem to have blogs. Guess it's my turn now.

You've already noticed that the name of my blog is "Cheaper Than Therapy." That's because my usual response to knitters who are feeling worried about purchasing the yarn that's their heart's current desire is, "It's cheaper than therapy." When I say they're worried, I don't mean that they won't be able to pay the mortgage. It's always more of a guilt thing, as in "I don't deserve to spend money on this."

Honey, I understand. I used to be just like you. Then I finally realized that knitting's not about socks and sweaters, even though beautiful finished goods are a happy by-product of our craft. Nope, knitting is about joy, creativity, and a goodly amount of stress relief. And when I really look at the figures, my "extravagant" hobby costs me less than $1 an hour, even when I'm using really boffo yarn. Not bad at all--and certainly cheaper than therapy!

So go buy yourself that yarn you've been wanting--that's right, the good stuff--and do it guilt free. You deserve it!

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